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An insurance broker is a person who sells and solicits insurance on behalf of insurance companies. An individual broker is one who is not attached to a particular company but deals with clients on behalf of multiple companies, offering them the best possible package that matches their requirements. A single broker on the other hand is one who works for one company only.

This is just the definition of an insurance broker. There are many other aspects to insurance broking, most of which is generally beyond the comprehension of the common person who is simply interested in buying insurance and claiming value at maturity or compensation. This is what our team at is focussed on – to bring the many facets of insurance broking to our readers in very simple understandable terms.

How can visitors to our site gain an insight into the core of insurance broking? For one, our site will focus on the many specialities of insurance like home, life, auto and health, industrial, commercial and complementary insurance. In fact, top brokers further narrow down their area of specialisation to for example, group insurance, employee protection insurance or long term care insurance. We will lay out in details through our blogs the many facets to each of them so that potential entrants in this field can get a competitive edge in this industry.

Apart from this, we will also go into detail the different aspects of insurance broking around the world. The laws and regulations for insurance differ between countries and this is often confusing not only for freshers but also seasoned insurance brokers. Readers of our site will know about insurance laws prevailing in various countries such as the UK, the USA, Australia and Asian countries. Our blogs will deal with the broker vs. agent definition and brokerage commission and fees.

It is also our goal to have generic blogs on the topic of insurance broking. Our panel of experts and bloggers on the subject will offer guidance on how to get into this business and the licensing and regulatory procedures that have to be followed in this regard.

We are confident that our blog site is a path breaking site in the insurance industry.